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  Commonly Asked Queries about the MMS Product

What is MMS - how similar is it to chlorine?


There is much confusion out there about the MMS & CDS products (the chlorine dioxide molecule) being very similiar to bleach - which is in fact a BIG misconception! The element chlorine is one of the most abundant chemicals on earth, & is in fact responsible for much of the salt in the ocean's water. Chlorine also forms roughly 50% of table salt by weight. Chlorine in elemental form is a powerful oxidizer, & quickly binds with other chemicals to become stable.

The chlorine dioxide molecule is made up of two oxygen ions & one chlorine ion that bind together firmly - resulting in a unique tightly bound molecule. Chlorine on the other hand, is an unstable molecule & seeks out other chemicals to bind to - resulting in a very oxidizing chemical. There is very little similiararity between these two different substances!

Aside form the chlorine ion that both chlorine dioxide & chlorine share - this is all there is in common. Other than that, they are entirely different compounds! Both of these chemicals are powerful oxidizers - but the mechanics of how each chlorine & chlorine dioxide work is vastly different. Chlorine dioxide selectively removes electrons from diseased tissues & pathogens via eltrostatic principles - thus sparing healthy tissue, whilst chlorine will indiscriminately kill ALL tissues, killing everything & anything!

It should be known that chlorine dioxide has been approved by the EPA for going on 60 years as an effective & safe way in which to remove pathogenic stressors from municipal water supplies - even including the deadly anthrax!

The MMS product contains a 28% solution of sodium chlorite standardized within an aqueous base, & remains stable in this form for a very long time.

Chlorine dioxide (MMS) has been used for over 6 decades by various Water Boards around the world to treat our municipal drinking water. 


How Much Time will it Take for Chlorine Dioxide Stay in the Body?

Generally speaking the chlorine dioxide compound will only stay in the body for 2 - 3 hours, in which afterwards quickly breaks down into harmless metabolites.


What if I do Not Like the MMS Taste?

Generally speaking, the MMS solution is tollerated quite well, but depending on the concentration it can be a little unpleasant on the pallate! Fruit juices can be used as long as they have not been fortified with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - just be sure to read the label carefully if in doubt!

Again, be sure to find a juice that has no vitamin C content! Ascorbic acid is a powerful antagonist to the mechanics of chlorine dioxide.


MMS and Dental Amalgams - Is it a Problem?

The chlorine dioxide compound cannot oxidize metals, so this will not affect one's dental amalgams. On the other hand, substances such as hydrogen peroxide aggresively break down amalgams - quickly creating a dangerous situation within the body!


What are the Avalable payment methods?

You have the option of either using paypal, direct credit card payment, or direct deopit using our banking details.


Am I secure when Making a payment? 
Making a payment with us for one of our products is entirely safe. We use paypal as our primary online payment gateway, as they provide full protection for the customer - & their security features are constantly updating. Paypal is now recognized as the safest way in which to make a payment online.
How is my MMS Product sent?

We ship daily, & generally shipping will take no longer than 2 - 3 days to reach most parts of Australia, only Western Australia can take sometimes up to 4 days (on occasion). We ship via a registered business account with the Australian Post - just be sure to double check your shipping details to ensure there is no delays!


Is there a money back guarantee?
Of course. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the MMS product, feel free to return the product within 14 days of purchase & we will be more than happy to provide you with a full refund.

Note: The cost of postage & handling is the responsibility of the purchasee.


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